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Sauget IL | 3 New Service Hangars | 46,320 SF; 122,250 SF; 146,578 SF

Evan Lloyd Associates Inc. provided architectural services for these 3 service buildings facilitating design/build delivery systems. The first 46,320 square foot paint hangar included is a paint stripping, paint mixing, and paint areas; equipment mezzanine; laundry; lobby; storage; offices; break room and restrooms. Involved in the design was an extensive heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system due to the painting operations. The HVAC system included make-up air units, exhaust fans, recirculation fans, air chambers, filter chambers, lower explosive limit monitor filter sensors, and stand-by systems. The project also involved a 2,000 amp electrical service, explosion-proof fixtures, and a 60 mil bladder for secondary containment in the strip bay with a floor leaking monitoring system. The second 122,250 square foot service hangar included two 40,000 square foot service bays and a two-story workspace involving offices, restrooms, lounge, paint booths, compressed air system and specialized electrical power stations. The third 146,578 square foot service hangar included a 96,000 square foot service area and a two-story office space.

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